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Paparkan Daun Kraton di Kementeria Kesehatan, Ini Penjelasan Pj Sekda Kapuas Hulu (
July 15, 2019

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KAPUAS HULU - The Kapuas Hulu Regional Government has discussed the issue of kratom crops with the Ministry of Health team, looking for solutions so that the plants are not banned for cultivation because the leaves of the region have become a source of the community livelihood especially in the Kapuas Hulu Regency.

"I have explained our situation to the Ministry of Health that kratom plant has become an economic necessity of the rubber substitute to the community," Acting Secretary of the Kapuas Hulu Region , Sarbani told reporters on Monday (7/15/2019).

Sarbani stated that the meeting involved various parties, especially in the fields of economy, environment and health in the past few days.

"All aspects on economy, environment and health that would impact the community are discussed, but there has been no conclusion on the prohibition at the meeting," he said.

Sarbani informed that in the near future the central government through the Ministry of Health will deploy a team to Kapuas Hulu to study kratom plants. "In the meeting, we have appealed to the central government not to prohibit kratom as it becomes a plant that meets the economic needs of the community," he said.

According to him, if in the end kratom plants are prohibited, certainly there must be a solution and a replacement so that people can still live to meet their daily needs.

"I ask the people of Kapuas Hulu to remain patient, and pray that our fight for the kratom plant will produce results that are pro-people, especially in the Kapuas Hulu region ," he said "while waiting for final ruling, don't panic too much, because until now there has been no official ban from the government."

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